New Products For April

About Adidas Nitrocharge 1

The visually striking Nitrocharge 1.0 is an evolution of adidas' rich history in creating footwear to suit specific player types.

Nitrocharge 1.0 has energy retention at its heart and has been designed specifically for 'The Engine' player, a player type that has been researched and uncovered thanks to a recently formed partnership between adidas and Opta.

'The Engine is first on the team sheet; always running, tackling and powering his team; he is relentless in his pursuit of chances from box-to-box for the full 90 minutes. This player is epitomised in the Nitrocharge adverts (we'll have the video for you tomorrow) with high octane action, fast-paced effort and a no-nonsense attitude in order to outline the sort of player this boot has been designed for.

The Nitrocharge 1.0 boot realises a range of new technologies that when combined will define the way 'Engines' play the beautiful game. These technologies include the following innovations:

ENERGYSLING ĘC supporting sidecut and turn movements to sharpen reactions on the pitch

ENERGYPULSE ĘC inspired by spring technology providing premium energy during the toe-off phase when sprinting

The boot also features a Protection mesh layer around the foot and Protection pads around the most sensitive tackle zones such as the Achilles tendon also feature in the boot.

Finally, the boot follows the full range of adidas boots by being compatible with the adidas miCoach SPEED_CELL.